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The Research and Production Base

Production base – Italy

For sugar beet seeds with high parameters, we use a reproduction base that is mainly located in Italy, in a moderate climate that is favourable for seed producion, and a modern Aurora plant, which has world-class equipment at its disposal enabling it producing seeds of highest quality, as confirmed with official tests.

Seed production is an essential part of farming. It does not only influence the seed quality, but also uses values of varieties. Soil and climate conditions in a reproduction area are critical for the quality of seeds. Therefore, the reproduction of seeds is conducted in countries with a favourable climate, mainly in the Northern Italy.
An important stage of seed preparation is cleaning and technological processing, which consists of, among others, gravitational fractionation, callibrating and grinding. The aim is to produce seeds with the highest quality parameters.

The final stage of seed development is coating. Apart from increasing the precision of seeding, this process enables the aplication of fungicides that secure young plants from stem necrosis and modern seed-dressing insecticides providing the most effective protection of sprouts and seedlings against pests.

The Company is focused on the continuous development and the coordication of its activities at all stages of seed preparation, i.e. farming, reproduction and technological processing.

Farm – Lion Seeds UK

The farming programme, which is based on a cooperation with the Lion Seeds company, assures the best utilisation of the Polish genetic material and a possibility to access the newest solutions within classical and resistance farming

Lion Seeds – an independent English farmer originating from the same research tradition – a farming station in Maldon, England was founded in 1936 by Konstanty Buszczyński.

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ul. Kopanina 28/36, 60-105 Poznań